Setup Your Website WooCommerce Shop Landing Page

This is a normal WooCommerce installation process. To start with a shop page or landing page for the first time, the Setup Wizard should run that permits you to set up your shop and also assign your shop page.

To locate Setup Wizard, just simply navigate to the Help menu on top right of the WooCommerce page, and choose the Setup Wizard from the menu at the top left side. See below image, to know more about it.

You can also assign the shop page manually. For that just navigate to the product tab. Follow these steps, WooCommerce > Settings > Products and select the main shop page. For more understanding, see below image.

Using this navigation path, you can also set up the remaining pages such as cart page, checkout page, my account page, and wishlist page under the advanced tab. To do this, follow this step.

WooCommerce > Settings > Advanced