Setup Your Website Header – Standard Style

Litho has various header layouts that you can choose from. There are three header styles including standard, left menu classic, and left menu modern. All of these header styles have their unique features. Using these styles you can position the header on the top, right, and left.

First of all, all headers customization is managed by section header that you can easily create by section builder. There are two ways to create and edit the main header. If you have imported Litho demo data, you will find different headers by navigating Section builder > All sections. Once you click on all sections, you need to filter all sections to header and then you can easily customize headers as per your requirements.

Secondly, if you want to create a new header in standard style, you first need to Go to the admin panel > Section builder > Add new > Choose template style > Header  and select header style as standard. Give a name and click on  “Create template”.

See below images for more understanding.

After clicking, the Elementor editor page will open like the image below.

Before dragging the widget, you can also select your column structure like in the image below.

Header has a special widget section named – Litho Header. Where you can find individual widget for each feature like “Litho site logo” to put your company’s logo in the header section.

You can use these widgets to make your header creative and unique. Just drag & drop and edit the widget as per your requirements.

Once you’re done with the customization, just click on the publish button like in the image below.

After clicking on the “Publish” button, you will see changes on the live site. This way you can create a header template.

How to Manage Pre-built Header

Litho has 10+ Pre-built Header styles so that you can easily manage header sections from the section builder post type.

For that go to Admin panel > Section builder > And find the header section that you want to modify.

This way you can manage or modify pre-built header templates.