How To Import Specific Demo Pages/Posts/Portfolio?

The one-click demo import feature is an amazing WordPress feature that can have. Now, you can import specific theme demo data with just a click. By importing the theme demo data content, users get an easy and quick way to customize the WordPress theme to make a stunning website.

After completion of Litho theme installation & plugins activating, you can start building your awesome Elementor WordPress site. It would be easier if you use our demo pages/content/settings instead of starting working from scratch.

If you wish to use our demo data such as pages/content/settings then you will have to install specific demo data and settings as per installed theme version demo content and configurations.

Warning: Import demo data including media, posts, pages, portfolio, products, section builders, etc… Your existing setup will be replaced with new demo data and settings from the installed theme version demo content and configurations. So we recommend you take the backup of your existing WordPress setup and database for your safety.

See the below image to import specific theme demo data. You just need to click on the required content and data that you want to import.

To import specific demo data, navigate to Admin Panel > Appearance > Theme setup and click on the Litho theme.

Click on the “Individual Import” button to import specific demo data like the image below.

To import individual pages, plugins, posts, portfolios, products, section builder, and element & templates so click on a particular demo to import.

See the below image for more understanding.

Note: If you are getting permission error like below then please set permission to 755 or 777 for directory “sample-data” (wp-content/plugins/litho-addons/importer/sample-data/common-data)

Error Message: Warning: file_get_contents(/var/www/httpdocs/wp-content/plugins/hongo-addons/importer/sample-data/hongo.xml): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /var/www/httpdocs/wp-content/plugins/hongo-addons/importer/parsers.php on line 67

To know more about demo data import requirements, click here.